Supplier identification: We identify suppliers, based on their product range, infrastructure, and size to best suit our clients.

Sampling: Samples are developed according to the clients instructions, and couriered to them for approval.

Order Execution: Orders are placed and production is closely monitored. Regular status on the sampling, production and shipment are sent to the client.

Production Check: To minimize risks the production is checked one the fabric is ready, once the first piece of production is ready, and after the production is completed.

Inspection: Final Random inspection is carried out before shipping. Measurement, fabric, damages, color, accessories, labeling etc. are checked at this stage.

Documentation and Shipping Coordination: Shipping documents are prepared as per the clients instructions, and sent to the buyer on time.

Assisting the clients during their visits to India: We work as the client’s branch office in India. We accompany our clients on their buying visits. We help them in arranging the schedule and the accommodation. We also guide the clients on the business practices, culture, customs and traditions of India, thus making their visit profitable and memorable.

Interpretation, Translation & Price Negotiation: During the course of all the above steps, we provide our clients with Interpretation & Translation wherever necessary. Price negotiation is also carried out by us.

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